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About Us

The Chevra Adas Wolkowisk is a welcoming Jewish community open to people of all levels of Jewish learning and experience. The programs made possible by the Chevra provide opportunities for all to deepen their knowledge and practice of Judaism. Whether you are a mid-career Jewish professional interested in an ordination program to further serve the Jewish community, someone wishing to attend meaningful High Holy Day services without a minimum membership requirement or a person looking for a seasoned, charismatic marriage officiant, the Chevra can provide you with the services and the opportunities you desire. The Chevra (also referred to as the “Temple without Walls”) boasts an experienced staff with programs that are progressive and egalitarian.

The congregation, with offices presently in Woodmere, conducts religious services at various locations throughout the metropolitan area. It “brings the synagogue to the people.” Religious services have been conducted in Woodhaven, NY, Glenwood Landing, NY, Marlboro, NJ, New Hyde Park, NY, Sea Cliff, NY, and Flushing, NY. Wherever and whenever a group of Jews wish to come together for a religious service, the congregation will provide a rabbi, Torah, prayer books, and whatever else is needed for the occasion at modest cost.

Since a number of rabbis are members of the congregation, it sponsors a free speakers bureau.  The rabbis are available to synagogues, Jewish centers, and general community groups for lectures, scholar in residence weekends, religious retreats, elder hostel programs, etc.

The congregation, which was established in New York City in 1903, serves the Jewish community through philanthropy, maintaining burial ground in three cemeteries, provides graves — free of charge — to the Jewish poor on an immediate need basis, and sponsors religious services whenever called upon. The Chevra staff believes in giving back to the community and welcomes Jewish individuals to participate in its programs as one is moved to do so. Donations are always welcome and are invaluable in supporting our diverse and welcoming programs.


Rabbi Abraham J. Henenberg

Rabbi Charles G. Agin, D.D., D.J.L.
Email: Wolkowisk@aol.com

Susan Agin, Cantor
Email: Susan@SusanAgin.com
A New York native, Susan Agin is a creative professional with a Masters Degree in Education, possessing an extensive background in Hazzanut, Jewish studies and Jewish performance. On October 24, 2002, Susan was granted Cantorial Certification by the Division of Sacred Music of The Rabbinical Academy (Mesifta Adath Wolkowisk, Inc. in Woodmere, N.Y.).  Susan chose the The Rabbinical Academy's second career program because it caters to mature individuals who have been in the field for a number of years, have made substantial contributions to the Jewish Community, and who wish to advance their knowledge of Judaism and make a lifelong commitment to Jewish service. Susan serves as the Cantor for Congregation Wolkowisk’s High Holy Day services, arranges sacred music, conducts Jewish choirs, has taught in various synagogue settings and has acted as activities chairperson for local Youth Groups. In addition, Ms. Agin is a member of Actor’s Equity Association and tours Jewish musical theater programs throughout the NYC metropolitan area.

Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Jewish Women’s Studies

Rabbi Stuart Berman, D.D.

Rabbi A. Allen Block, D.D.
Practical Rabbinics

Rabbi Scott E. Colbert, D.S.M.,D.S.M., Cantor 
Cantorial Studies and Codes 
(Shulchan Aruch and Chevra Kadisha)   

Rabbi Stephen Dresner, D.D.
Jewish Education

Paul Engle, C.S.W., M.S.W.
Jewish Social Work

Rabbi Bertram Kieffer, D.S.M., Cantor

Rabbi Kellie Marcus, Ph.D. 
Clinical Pastoral and Religious School Education 

Rabbi Franklin Perlman

Rabbi Ancel Salamon
History & Halachah

Rabbi Lawrence M. Schuval, D.D.
Death & Bereavement, Halachah & Minhag

Rev. Gaylord Shimnofski, Ph.D.
Pastoral Psychiatry

Rabbi Michael Simon, D.D.
Bible & Midrash

Rabbi Stephen Texon, D.S.M., Cantor
Musicology & choral Ensemble

Rabbi R. Zev Wellins, D.D.
Hebrew & Cognate Languages

Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D.
Jewish Sociology

Rabbi Larry Winer, D.N. 
Jewish Chaplaincy and Stress Management


Congregation Adas Wolkowisk is a shul of modest size. We WILL respond to your messages, whether they are about services, The Rabbinical Academy, wedding ceremonies, lectures, donations, etc.

Phone: 718-461-1273
Email: Wolkowisk@aol.com